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Bathroom Remodelingin South Florida

The experts at KBR Design & Build can help you design the perfect bathroom for your home. We believe you should be comfortable in your bathroom, and its atmosphere should be harmonious and relaxing. Whatever your personal retreat looks like, we will help make it happen!

We will make sure that you never feel constrained within your bathroom by designing it in such a way that maximizes space while keeping it visually striking. We can cater to any theme you have in mind or offer you suggestions on how to improve your current bathroom space. Our bathroom remodeling team can turn your bathroom into a serene area of relaxation that looks and functions in a way that supports your lifestyle.


We know that in most cases, renovating your property isn’t just about increasing its value—it’s about improving your family’s quality of life. We care about making your home as comfortable and functional for you as it can be, all while ensuring the design is so stunning you can’t wait to show it off to family and friends. In your bathroom, we want you to have all the luxuries you desire—whether that’s a rainfall shower, a double vanity, or just ample storage. From design to completion and beyond, our team is here for you every step of the way.


At KBR Design & Build, we work to deliver you the bathroom you and your family deserve. Get started with a free on-site consultation today! Call us at (305) 475-8000 or contact us online to get started on your dream bathroom today.

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Design-build services

Using a design-build firm rather than a general contractor or individual designer for your remodel makes the process simpler and easier to manage. At KBR Design & Build, we are equal parts builder and designer. Let us make the process of remodeling your home or commercial space easy.

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This was a true transformation! My kitchen not only looks fantastic but the design has made the entire apartment more functional/livable. My real estate agent has told me it has increase my home value significantly. More importantly, it makes me happy.

Our renovation consisted of many things: 1. turning our 2 bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom apartment. 2 Complete gut renovation of one of the bathrooms. 3 Removing some walls around the kitchen and elsewhere. 4. new lighting with electric work in all rooms. 5. New coat of paint everywhere and new door hardware throughout…

My floors, walls and ceilings suffered flood damage. KBR project manager, Petar Krsikapa, is excellent! The place looks fabulous. The work progressed on schedule, with precision and beauty. I cannot say enough. I chose well.

I worked with KBR Design & Build for my bathroom remodel and had a very positive experience. I have what could only be described as quirky but sophisticated taste which the full project team enthusiastically embraced resulting in a unique yet highly functional finished product. Our bathroom had tiny dimensions that posed design challenges requiring…

They are not the cheapest on the street but the quality of the work done is good. The architect and project manager do pay attention to the small details. The project managers and architects on my project were very professional. Considering this was my first apartment the architect helped design and plan the changes so…